Pen & Sail : My life with Dudley Pope
by Kay Pope

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About Kay...

Kay Pope is a amazing lady who married then journalist, Dudley Pope, who worked the foreign affairs department of the now defunct Evening News on Fleet Street, at the tender age of 17 years.

Her book 'Cabo Trafalgar in the Moonlight' highlights their journey together as her husband, Dudley, went on to write 34 books, the first three of which were published in the UK, before they left for Italy and later on sailed to the Caribbean. Kay is now retired, enjoys shelling for her extensive collection, snorkeling, yoga, sewing, reading and traveling.

The purpose of my book is to share a personal account of what it is like to live with a well-known writer, raising a child while cruising on a yacht in the Caribbean, the amazing sailing adventures and friends we met along our journey as well as the ups and downs, and a lot of hard work. I hope my perspectives over the span of my lifetime, will assist others to remember, discover or reinforce their own unique talents, abilities and passions. May we all aspire to leading meaningful, natural, joyful and fulfilled lives, always in balance with our most amazing world!

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